Above and Beyond is our response to the emerging challenge of spiritually undecided people and our course of action in obedience to Christ’s Great Commission. We are determined — convinced — that a great, dynamic church is a place where youth can serve and belong, marriages can thrive, families can strengthen, addictions can fray, and Jesus can be glorified.


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If I give via a check, how does it get connected to the Above and Beyond offering?
Simply write “Above and Beyond” in the memo and we will make sure it gets where it’s supposed to.

Can I give online?
Yes, click here and Select “Above and Beyond” on the drop down.

If I give via cash, how would I do that?
Please use one of our envelopes at any campus and write “Above and Beyond” on it so we can help track your donation for you.

How can I Text to give?
Text #: 457-77
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There are so many incredible stories of people joining God’s great family. All of heaven rejoices, and we say “yes” by giving above and beyond our tithes to see this expand.

  • The Bible Belt is beginning to fray as the trends in the U.S. South mirror those in the rest of the country.

  • The number of adults who claim no religion grew by 19 million from 2007 to 2014.

  • Those with no religious interest or affiliation now constitute 23 percent of the adult population. (More numerous than Catholics or mainline Protestant groups.)

  • People are leaving the church, whatever their denomination, at a rate of 6 leaving to each single new convert into the faith.