We are a city on a hill - a beacon of light for all to see. Our city needs us. We are commissioned by God to stir up the hope and love that He freely gives. Make 2019 the year that you jump in with us.

Boldly Reach the lost

We are unwavering in our belief that everything begins and ends with Jesus and we won’t let anything stand in our way as we declare His salvation. This is our sacred calling - that the world will know His love, hope and freedom.


generosity is active

We are contributors not consumers. Living a generous life expands our world view and motivates us to be like Jesus. Ask God how what generosity will look for you in 2019.


  • As you are doing your Spring cleaning, set aside your lightly used shoes.
  • Even now, start shopping the sales for shoes and school supplies.


  • Every month between now and December, set aside $10/month to give towards MCGC.

invest in people

Your sibling, co-worker, neighbor, or local barista all share various levels of time and investment from you. When they ask God for help in their times of need, you are possibly the most important person to be the answer to that prayer.

Lean in this year. Have more coffees, listen, and be willing to share your faith. You never know what God wants to do.

  • Easter
  • One for One
  • At the Movies
  • Christmas

fight for every family

Marriage and parenting are as beautiful and exciting as it is challenging. The health, depth, and spiritual strength of these relationships are crucial to a great home and bright future but it's also an example of Jesus to a hurting and broken world. Every family is worth fighting for so we would love the chance to fight for yours.


This year, work closer together to Jesus. Be intentional with serving and ministry as a family.

  • Show your kids what it looks like to build relationships, love like Jesus + invite friends to church:
  • Ask your kids to pick one friend at school who they will pray for - that they would come to church.
  • Encourage them to be on the lookout for a classmate who is lonely and become their friend.
  • Be intentional with relationships on the soccer field or new friends at the pool.
  • Teach your kids how to pray for everyone by naming a teacher, a coach, or maybe even a classmate they don’t get along with.
  • Use opportunities like Hope Pack Sundays to teach your kids about generosity. Have them pick out shoes and school supplies for someone their own age and pray for the kid who will receive them.
  • Strengthen your relationship and marriage by attending the new series “Songs of Us”.
  • Join one of our masterclasses that specific family needs in our culture.

parent cue

Now you can watch all the same videos and see all the same material your child is during church - it can make for a really great conversation on the way home. Click here for more information.

+ Parent Cue APP Document

+ Parent's Guide


join a small group

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just moved into the area, what better way to make new friends at church than to join a group. Everyone needs help and accountability in life - join a group that fits your life stage and location needs.

+ Learn More

start a group

If you are in a place where you can open your home to people who are hungry to live life like Jesus, consider being trained as a Group Leader.

+ Learn More


The next generation is the very future of our church, of our families and communities. They need to know now they matter and how deeply they are loved. Your influence does not stop with just your kids - consider ways you can volunteer.

  • Sundays in KidCity
  • Youth Small Group Leader
  • Kids or Youth Camp Counselor

serve together

We are the church and we exist for the world. Make serving a family affair, teach your kids to see the needs around them and empower them to do something about it!

  • Find a family-friendly project for Serve Day.
  • Train for, and run, Race for Hope together.
  • Pick up trash as you walk around your neighborhood, the beach or the playground.
  • Do yard work for a neighbor.

call out the purpose and potential of everyone

You’re more than ordinary. You are significant. We love everyone, we believe in their potential, and we want to see each person living in their purpose and calling.



next class

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines cheering… jump in and discover what it means to be fully alive in the true hope of Christ! Next is designed to navigate you towards that critical next step in your spiritual journey.


We believe in each person’s potential, and that everyone is a leader. CityHope is hosting the Global Leadership Summit that offers fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you.


Let’s do this together, let’s help each other unlock all that God has created us for. He didn’t intend for you to do it alone so release the loneliness we all can feel and exchange it for the authentic life change that happens only with others. Groups is band of people dedicated to this pursuit - find one that fits your stage of life.

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