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College PM

Classes Begin
September 18

The wonder which is salvation was never meant to be a stop sign, nor a signal that the completion of a journey had come about. Our new life in Christ was always meant to be a new beginning.

Perhaps you’ve heard a calling from within that there simply must be more. We want to be there to help you find that “more” with a new launch from CityHope Discipleship called CityHope College PM.

For nearly a decade now, our college (CityHope College) has been running at full steam, yet was only available to individuals who could set aside everything for two years and commit to a full-time and incredibly intense program designed to prepare students for effectiveness in ministry. However, our heart has always been to extend the incredible learning opportunities that CityHope College offers to a much wider audience. This is why we are so excited to begin this discipleship journey with those looking for more.

Old Testament 1

  • Old Testament I is an in-depth course designed for those looking to understand their Bibles on an entirely new level. Over 10 weeks, students will begin their journey in Genesis and go book-by-book until completing Job. Whether a student is opening their Bible for the 1st time or the 201st time, this course will have important and engaging elements to offer those hungry to learn and grow.


  • Today’s atmosphere of skepticism has shown itself to be a formidable dampener for the faith of many. Where does this leave us? Are there answers to the questions that many are asking about faith itself? Apologetics is a 10 week course that we have designed to help answer the skepticism of this current age towards our faith in God.

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