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"You are a mom, a dad, maybe you have kids, or maybe you're a single person, a happy or an unhappy person, a child, a classmate, or a (fill in the blank) person - you are who Jesus had in mind when he made a deliberate, final, and clear statement through his death that you are worth his love.

That's it, no gimmicks, no tricks. It's the truth and we hope that as you find peace and hope that you would, in turn, deliver that same message to a friend or family member when you invite them to Easter at CityHope."

Come Celebrate the greatest day in history with us!

Jesus is God's mind made up about you!

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Nothing you can do or have done can separate you from His love.

We are a bunch of messy people that have a story of healing. We stand on those stories and invite whatever you might enjoy or struggle with.