Hope Academy is registered and licensed by the Alabama Department of Education, and all of its faculty members are required to comply with the same standards as public school teachers. They must have teacher certifications, be qualified and actively pursuing certification, or teaching in the field in which they majored.

Hope Academy administrators, faculty and staff are committed educational professionals who care about the educational and spiritual well-being of their students. HA operates on a 5 day school week, Monday-Friday. To ensure excellent education, HA class sizes will remain at a ratio of 1 teacher to 14 students for all K – 6th grade classes. With our small class sizes, we will exceed the required amount of teaching hours per week according to the state law.


Hope Academy offers a K3 – 6th-grade program.

14 students to 1 teacher

Families of enrolled students are notified about placement at the annual “Meet The Teacher” day prior to the first day of school.

Please contact the school office for more information and to schedule a tour. (251) 517-5590

Admission Requirements

Pre-K: 3 years old on or before September 1
Kindergarten: 5 years old on or before September 1
1st Grade and Up: Age appropriate by state law

  • Completion of the Online Registration Form. 
  • Payment of non-refundable registration fee.
  • Non-refundable curriculum and activity fee.
  • Copy of BOTH legal guardian’s valid photo ID.
  • Copy of student’s CURRENT Alabama Immunization Record.
    *Registration will not be complete until all documents and payments are in hand.


In order to meet the educational needs of each student, Hope Academy is dedicated to using the finest curriculum available. As a private school, we have Christian values integrated throughout each subject area as the topic allows and daily Bible lessons are taught to help establish Christian values.

Hope Academy strives to ensure that all students are able to learn the state standards-based on their own learning style. Each curriculum used will be a guide that follows the State Standards which will keep us, as a school, accountable to teach what the students need and when they need it. However, at Hope Academy, we are able to teach and reteach the concepts in different strategies to effectively meet each student’s learning style. Teachers at Hope Academy are not only required to follow the textbooks provided by the curriculum, they are encouraged to pull from other resources to ensure each student’s needs are being met.


  • Language Arts, Reading, Phonics, Handwriting- ABeka
  • Math – ABeka and Saxon
  • Social Studies – ABeka
  • Science – ABeka
  • Bible – ABeka and Positive Action for Christ

No, Hope Academy does not offer home-school programs.

At this time, Hope Academy does not offer separate special education classes.

Biblical Instruction

Hope Academy follows the belief system of City Hope Church. To learn more about City Hope Church’s beliefs, please click here.

All students have daily Bible lessons. We also incorporate Biblical truths through out the academic subjects. All students participate in chapel services twice a month.

Although some of our students attend City Hope Church, we do have a large number of families from outside City Hope Church that have blended very well with our school culture. We will always welcome students from outside of our CityHope family.


No, Hope Academy relies on parents and families to get students to and from school each day.

After an application and a required background check have been approved, parents can be involved at the teacher’s request.

Hope Academy does not require uniforms. However, students must abide by dress code guidelines found in our Student Handbook.

All Pre-K and Kindergarten classes take a daily nap/rest time. Children are not required to sleep but will be expected to lay quietly and rest. The length of the nap/rest time varies depending on the age of the class.

Parents must provide lunch and snacks. Products containing peanuts will not be allowed unless notified differently by the school’s administration. Students do have the option to order lunch from the venders provided each day. 

The oldest attending student attends Hope Academy at full price. Each additional student receives 10% off the monthly tuition. No other discounts will apply. 

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