NOTE FOR HOST: For the last 4 weeks, we’ve been focusing on the subject of prayer and are excited about the discussions that have been taking place within our groups. Between now and the end of this Spring Semester, we’ll be pivoting to a series called: “Made for Mondays”. Together, we’ll have a great opportunity to take all of the progress we’ve made so far on prayer, and direct it towards uncovering God’s grand purpose for our individual lives.

QUESTION 1: Is there something you personally enjoy that most of our society does not seem to like?

STATEMENT: A rare answer to the first question would be: “Mondays”. For most individuals, even the mention of Monday brings on the dread of a weekend ending and a workday beginning. What if it was not supposed to be that way? What if we discovered that we were “made for Mondays”? The truth is that God created us to find His mission for our lives in the midst of what has previously felt mundane. We were created to create and wired to work!

QUESTION 2: Describe the last time that you felt or saw God’s purpose for you at your job.

STATEMENT: The word “vocation” actually comes from a Latin phrase that means “calling”. Many of us can think of individuals who appear to have connected a God-given calling with their day to day vocation, and it is truly a powerful thing to witness. God wishes for each of us to find His calling in the places He has called us to.

QUESTION 3: What is the difference between someone who is carrying out their calling through their work and someone who is just working to collect a paycheck?

STATEMENT: Scripture assures us that God does not simply want laborers, but co-laborers - ones who will partner together with Him to do His work on the earth.


QUESTION 4: When it comes to your life and world, what are the things you believe God wishes to “labor” with you to affect?

GROUP PRAYER: “Father, it is with us in mind that you created this day, and it is with your purposes in

mind that you created our current placement in this world and in our jobs. Today, we offer to you

all that we are and may we see your grand purposes at work in us - especially at the places we call ‘work’. In Your name, amen.”

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is two-fold and taken directly from this weekend’s message:

1) Begin each day with a personal and simple prayer, giving that day to God, giving your gifts to God,

and inviting Him to shape your thoughts, perspectives, and actions as you begin it.

2) Actively look for ways to add value in the lives of those placed around you.