QUESTION 1: Where would your friends or family be most surprised to find you? How come?

STATEMENT: There are some scenarios for all of us that are just simply “highly unlikely”. Yet, in Genesis, we find a man named Joseph in one of those very scenarios. Joseph, through a series of extraordinarily unfortunate events, has found himself in an unfamiliar land, bound to work he never even considered himself doing before. However, Joseph grasped the opportunity, held to a stubborn faith that God was still with him, and we are told that God not only blessed the work of his hands, but elevated Joseph to become the second most powerful man in the world at that time! Being “faithful in your now” really matters.

QUESTION 2: Take a moment to go from a first-person to a third-person view of your life. What would it look like for someone in your specific position (family, work, school, ministry, etc) to not be “faithful in their now”?

QUESTION 3: God has not just written yesterday’s and tomorrow’s chapters of your life - He’s also written today’s! What hurdles do you commonly find hindering you from faithfulness to today’s chapter?

STATEMENT: “Fully alive living”, as promised to us in John 10:10, is not just about our off days, missions trips, and vacation times. “Fully alive living” also includes operating in our God-given purposes within our working lives as well! It’s within these chapters as employees or students where our God-sized promises are often hidden within our God-sent opportunities. As we learned this weekend, being faithful in our now gives God the opportunity to prepare us for our next.


QUESTION 4: This is a principle and a process that, as we walk with God over the years, will become a reality. Share with the group about an opportunity where God used your faithfulness to set up what was next for your life.

CHALLENGE: Sometimes we can become complacent in our daily practices and lose the focus of faithfulness. Find an individual in your life that you know will be completely honest with you, sit them down and ask them what it would look like to see you be more “faithful in your now.”

GROUP PRAYER: “Father, we thank you that you remain faithful when we lose our focus, and today we turn our focus back the promises and the potential of our God given opportunities. May you sharpen our eyes to see the hurdles in our lives that stand in the way of faithfulness. May we be your sons and daughters that truly live fully alive lives. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.”