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Authentic life change happens in the context of relationships. That’s why we believe Life is Better Together. We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to be a part.

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Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. Whatever you believe, we all can agree that Jesus changed things. We believe it’s all about Jesus and He wants to change you, too.

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Water Baptism

After you’ve taken the first step to follow Christ, you can’t just keep the excitement to yourself. You have to let the world know about your new journey. We do this through Water Baptism.

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Life Development

As you grow in your relationship with Christ, you have to learn a new way of living. We can help you in two ways… “Freedom” identifies life patterns and obstacles that stand in your way. “Equip” will help you face the challenges of life with confidence and strong conviction.

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Get Involved

We believe that anytime you choose to serve someone else in any capacity, it truly honors God. Whether it’s helping someone find a parking spot, greeting a first-time guest, or even operating a camera, we’re confident you’ll find a place to land.

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Become a Partner

If you’ve been around CityHope for any bit of time you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been any mention of “members” or a “membership class.” The reasoning is simple, we don’t have members, we have “partners.”


Missions + Outreach

It should be the heart of Jesus’ followers to take his love and compassion to any and every place that truly needs it. That’s the heart of CityHope.

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