21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Why We Fast

Fasting is giving up something in order to focus our attention and increase our appetite for God.

Fasting isn’t about what you lose but rather what you gain. It is a position of your heart being open and ready to receive what God has for you. It isn’t about the denial of food, drink or other entertainments – but about changing the way you see God and believing that He is enough for you. When you have the urge to eat, drink, or use social media, you can turn instead to the Word. Go to God in prayer and by reading his word to find what you’re looking for. Abstaining from food, drink, media – or however you choose to fast – isn’t easy, but you will be strengthened in your spirit to seek Him first, grow in wisdom and faith for the upcoming year.

Ways to Fast

Fast: Fast all foods for 21 days

Liquid Fast: Give up all solid foods

Daniel Fast: Fruits & Vegetables only

Media Fast: Give up media (social media, etc)

Lunch Fast: Fast lunch each day

1. Every week watch the corresponding video to the day,
2. Use the week’s prayer targets to help guide your prayer focus.

Week 1

Fighting For Every Family

  • Your Family
  • City Hope Church

Week 2

Purpose of every person.

  • Your purpose
  • Leaders in CityHope
  • Our Cities

Week 3

Reaching the Lost

  • Your friends, neighbors, and loved ones.
  • Our Government
  • The Nation

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7