QUESTION 1: An experience that most of us share is, without warning, experiencing a power outage that interrupts our lives. Has this ever happened to you? Share with the group about an experience stands out the most.

STATEMENT: An often quoted verse in the Bible comes from Ephesians 3:20: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…” - yet many of us are unfamiliar with the rest of that same verse, which is just as vital as the beginning! Paul finishes the verse with this statement: “…according to the power that works in us.” This is the key to understanding the link between His power and our prayers - we must understand that God does not need anything, and yet has decided to “need” us in order to bring His change to our world.

QUESTION 2: Why can it be difficult for us to believe or comprehend that God has placed His very own power inside of us? 

QUESTION 3: Outside of “change the world” answers, for what everyday purposes did God deposit His power inside of us?

STATEMENT: It is humbling that He’s entrusted us with something so great as His power, but we must release this power through our prayers! It has been said, “The fate of the world is in the hands of nameless saints.” No longer count yourself insignificant to God’s plans when it comes to the present happenings of our world and of our lives - you were put here on this earth to be a real difference maker. In addition to entrusting us with this power, His Spirit will lock our eyes and hearts on specific issues that He wishes to change through our prayers.

QUESTION 4: What, in your life and in this world, has God locked your eyes on to pray for? How has He gotten your attention in this area?

CHALLENGE: This week, it’s time to make our intentions our actions. Your challenge is to take the very things that are heavy on your heart and carve out time to bring them before God in prayer. Remember that, because of what Jesus did for us, we can be assured of His warm welcome when we approach Him with our needs!

GROUP PRAYER: “Father, you could have overlooked us - especially with our faults and shortcomings - but instead, you decided to give us a vital role in what transpires here on this earth. As we go about our lives this week, may nothing distract or discourage us from the place of prayer that You are calling each of us to. Amen.”