QUESTION 1: What DIY project are you most or least proud of?

QUESTION 2: Which of His teachings, do you feel, are the hardest to build your life upon? Which, do you find, are the easiest?

STATEMENT: The direction and durability of our life (and our life’s work) all depend on what they are anchored to. The story Jesus tells in Matthew makes clear that the right foundation for us is the rock that Jesus spoke of. This rock represents the powerful, unchanging Word of God. However, most of the world is currently choosing to build on something quite different: The shifting sands of popular culture.

QUESTION 3: What influences do you find shaping your family? 



QUESTION 4: What role has God called you to take in the spiritual direction of your home?

CHALLENGE: This week, make a point to bring your family together for a time of prayer daily. Take some time to identify some places where you, as a family, can begin building your life upon His rock. End your time with bold prayers & believe that God will do exceedingly & abundantly above anything you could ever ask or think!

GROUP PRAYER: “Father, thank you that in a storm-tossed world, you have given us a solid place to build. May we see past the temporary and the easy and may we anchor our very lives to Your powerful teaching. Amen.”