QUESTION 1: Imagine waking up on a Monday morning and realizing that your alarm never went off. Describe your strategy to both get out the door as quickly as possible while still doing what it takes to get ready for work.

STATEMENT: When compared to all of God’s created beings, humans have been entrusted with a unique ability to create strategies - both small and large! You may not consider yourself a “strategist”, but once you begin digging, you’ll find that everything from the route of your morning commute to the plan you create for having hard conversations is some kind of strategy. 

QUESTION 2: Think about your personal spiritual strategy. Would you describe this strategy as more “offensively minded” or more “defensively minded”? Why do you think that is?

QUESTION 3: Over the weekend, we learned that when we take action, He does His part. When this partnership is working in a believer’s everyday life, what do you think it looks like?

STATEMENT: God has called each of us to an incredible and uncommon life! If we were to compare our lives to a house, that calling from God does not just involve items and gifts He wishes to move in, but also some items that He wishes to move out. These may be things that we, in our own power and through failed spiritual strategies, may have had difficulty evicting in the past.

QUESTION 4: Are there any areas of your life where you would like to see the enemy evicted? What adjustments, in your personal strategies, would help make that happen?

CHALLENGE: Your challenge is to find someone in this group, and during this week, talk through the creation and development of a personal spiritual strategy. It will get personal, but you can be assured that if a true partnership takes place and strategies are both created and put to use, this could really be life changing!

GROUP PRAYER: “Father, we thank You that because of love and grace, Your spiritual power and authority have been placed within us. As we conquer this week, will You find us with an attitude of offense and action. We ask that You would enable us to live lives that constantly point ourselves and others directly to You. Amen.”