Connect Classes

We want to get to know you. This is a class designed for anyone — people that have been going to CityHope for a while and also people that are just starting to attend. Everyone is welcome. We’re just looking to sit down and learn more about one another. You’ll get to meet our campus staff, hear the heart and vision of our church, and we’ll even get to share a meal together! This will only last about an hour and we’ll make sure your kids are taken care of the entire time. Let us know you’re coming — we can’t wait to meet you.


We want you to meet our campus staff and hear the heart and vision of CityHope. Let us know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for our Online Connect Class! Sign up below to be notified as soon as our next class is scheduled.

This is a class that takes place the last Sunday of each month. Aside from meeting our campus staff and hearing the heart and vision of CityHope, we’ll event get to enjoy a meal together and get to know one another. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Each campus meets on Sunday for Connect Class.
Check out the different times below:

What will i learn?

In this class, you can expect to hear from our leadership about CityHope’s history, where we began, where we are, and where we’re going. You’ll get to meet our campus staff, ask questions, and then most importantly hear the heart and vision behind our church. 

how long will this last?

We’re not looking to take up all of your time – classes typically only last about an hour, and that’s with a meal included! You’re also welcome to hang out afterwards and ask additional questions.

what about my kids?

We’ll make sure your kids are taken care of the entire time. You can drop off kids aged 2 months and up in our KidCity area. Feel free to pack a diaper bag, snack, or anything they might need during the hour long class.


It should be the heart of Jesus’ followers to take his love and compassion to any and every place that truly needs it. That’s the heart of CityHope.

If you’ve been around CityHope for any bit of time you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been any mention of “members” or a “membership class.” The reasoning is simple, we don’t have members, we have “partners.” To become a parter, fill out the form to attend NEXT.

We believe that anytime you choose to serve someone else in any capacity, it truly honors God. Whether it’s helping someone find a parking spot, greeting a first-time guest, or even operating a camera, we’re confident you’ll find a place to land. Your next step is to attend Connect Class – Register here

Authentic life change happens in the context of relationships. That’s why we believe Life is Better Together. We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to be a part

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Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. Whatever you believe, we all can agree that Jesus changed things. We believe it’s all about Jesus and He wants to change you, too.

After you’ve taken the first step to follow Christ, you can’t just keep the excitement to yourself. You have to let the world know about your new journey. We do this through Water Baptism.

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