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The future
to the bold.


CityHope College was established in 2013 as both an answer to CityHope’s heart for development and the need to train and educate a new wave of ministry leaders for today’s world. CityHope College is a two-year, full-time ministry college program specifically designed to do the following:

  • Provide powerful, accessible, and Scripture-based theological education to every student.
  • Guide students through both general ministry training and specialized ministry training in both hands-on and classroom settings.
  • Immerse students in the rhythms of active and modern local church ministry.
  • Instill Ephesians 4:1’s standards for personal formation and personal lifestyle (“…live a life worthy of the calling you have received”) through mentorship, discipleship, and community.
  • And, upon graduation, help graduates find their next steps – whether placement in ministry positions across the country, or opportunities in the marketplace.

Whether you feel a specific tug on your heart for ministry or are simply looking to plant yourself, grow, and listen for that specific call of God, we would be honored to be a part of your story.  

To connect with our team concerning questions you may have, or to go ahead and get started on the admissions process, selecting that “Get More Info” button is your next step.  We look forward to connecting with you!


Step One: Apply

It all begins here! Click HERE to get started today!

Step Two: CityHope College Application Review

After your application has been submitted to our CityHope College team, we will review your application to prepare us for your interview!

Step Three: Interview

After we review your application, an in-person interview time will be set up for you.

Step Four:  Applicant is Accepted and Moves to SouthEastern University Application

If a student is accepted into CityHope College, they will receive our Acceptance Packet in the mail. This packet will include instructions of what the next few months or weeks will look like, as well as instructions for prerequisites. This packet will also include the information you need to take the next steps to apply as a student with our partner school, Southeastern University.

Step Five: Housing Application

The Acceptance Packet also includes a Housing Form. We only have a limited amount of space, so if interested, be sure to fill this form out and turn it in as soon as possible.

Step Six: Prerequisites and Deposits

The deadline date for deposits and prerequisite work lands on the first Tuesday in August.

Step Seven: Orientation Week

It’s here! The third week in August marks Orientation Week and the beginning of the school year at CityHope College.


CityHope College believes and champions the principle that a solid and life-altering theological education is non-negotiable when it comes to both ministering to a fallen world and to The Church. 

To bring that belief to life, every CityHope College student receives a curated educational experience, combining accredited college courses from Southeastern University (our new academic partner, as well as the institution that grants students their degrees upon graduation) with core theology courses, organizational leadership modules, and specialized hands-on development from CityHope College.  (More information on this developmental path can be found in our Development and Placement Section.)

Together, these two elements form a powerful educational core that will prepare a student for their future Kingdom platform, regardless of whatever shape it takes.

Graduates of CityHope College will, upon the completion of two years, receive an Associate of Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University. Southeastern University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.  More about Southeastern University can be found at: seu.edu



  • The purpose behind CityHope College is all about investing in the future leaders of the Kingdom. This is why we’ve set the cost to attend CityHope College at $12,500 per year.
  • This covers enrollment in Southeastern University, Practical Ministry Courses, books, CityHope College gear, enrollment in workout sessions, and a domestic missions trip. 
  • CityHope College is unique in that our church sponsors our students to go on an international missions trip during their time as a student.
  • Tuition does not cover living costs such as food, fuel, or housing. Student housing is available to both male and female students but is a separate cost.



  • Once a student is accepted and granted admission into CityHope College, their initial deposit of $2,955 is due the first week of August – 3 weeks before Orientation Week begins. If a student is living in housing, the deposit is $3,305, which includes the first month of housing.
  • After that, we work out a customized payment plan that will make paying for school easier on the student and, if involved, their families.
  • Don’t have the financial backing you’d like to begin CityHope College? That’s nothing that should deter you – every year we have a great number of students who work outside jobs and pay as they go.
  • With our weekly setup, students have the opportunity to work Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Sunday nights, as well as all day Friday and Saturday, if desired.


A God-ordained principle is actively at play within our callings: That between the moment where we receive our callings and the moment we finally walk in them exists a vital stage.  It is a stage we call “Development.” 

Our commitment to theological education in the classroom is passionate, but we are just as passionate about the developmental processes that prepare each student for their future. 

During their first semester, students commit to what we call a “Concentration” – our name for a specialized developmental path that immerses them in the Creative, Ministry Leadership, or Worship realms. Through these Concentrations, students engage in specialized weekend and midweek positions at all of our CityHope campuses. Students also take part in developmental modules (specific to their Concentration) at multiple points throughout the week. To hear more about our development through Concentrations, check out the videos further down on this page!

What is also important to mention is our dedication to finding the right post-graduation placement for every single graduate. We believe, as students engage in this path of development, that God is preparing them for that first station within the Kingdom. We carry a commitment to helping graduates find that first station and, since 2013, you’ll find our alumni from coast to coast, as well as overseas.


Ministry Leadership Concentration




Welcome to CityHope College.
The future needs you and we want to help you get ready for it.

Two life-changing years. Powerful teaching and training. Countless possibilities. If you are drawn to ministry, believe that the local church is still the most effective organization to reach the lost in Jesus’ name, than we want to partner with you, teach you, and prepare you for the work ahead of you.

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