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Dust is CityHope’s 10-week journey designed to help people find and follow the way of Jesus. It is named after an ancient Hebrew blessing that would be spoken over those seeking to answer their God-given calling: “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” Put in modern terms, the saying was both a blessing and a bit of advice: “May you walk so closely to your teacher that the dust that comes off his sandals covers you.” This is the heart of Dust. Through daily reading and a weekly small group setting, we’ll explore what our lives look like when we are covered in the dust of Jesus. How can we practice what He practices? How can we live how He lives?




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Dust is a 10-week journey helping you build the rhythms and practices of Jesus. The way of a disciple is to find, follow, and become like Jesus. Through Biblical, spiritual practices of Jesus and His first disciples, we will see the way of Jesus become the way we live too.

Dust is available 2 times a year, in the Spring and Fall.

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Post Dust Groups are a next step of your Dust experience, designed to help you grow in your pursuit of becoming more like Jesus through Bible study, practicing spiritual rhythms and changing the world around you through community. Already been through the Dust Experience and need help getting connected to a Group?  We are here to help you join or start a group of your own.

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