We are contributors not consumers. Living a generous life expands our world view and motivates us to be like Jesus. We are the church and we exist for the world.

Why we give.

The Bible teaches us that the standard for giving is called the tithe. We put God first when we give the first 10% of our income back to Him through the church. But why is this so important? Because, when we manage money God’s way, the results are life-changing.

What happens with your gift?


Healthy things grow. Our goal is to be a life-giving church that embraces change and facilitates growth. Your giving allows us to create spaces and places God can use to dramatically change lives. It’s helping to fuel God’s work in CityHope, not only at your campus, but at 4 campuses in 2 countries.


Sharing the love of Christ means not only bringing the Gospel to those in need but also bringing help and hope. Because of your giving, we are able to partner with missionaries worldwide. Not only that, but it also allows us to partner with organizations and local churches all over the globe to fight poverty and bring relief and restoration to those in need.


Thank you for your faithfulness with your tithe and offerings. Your giving enables ministry to happen here at City Hope Church. There are hundreds of people who accepted Christ as their savior in 2020 and thousands of others who were encouraged and ministered to. Your giving played a part in that.

1. Enter your email.
2. Enter your six-digit code that you received in your email, be sure to check you spam/junk folders.
3. Select the appropriate profile.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view “Statement” and “PC Contribution 2020 Statement”. Click on the download arrow.
5. A Contribution Statement (PDF file) will appear in the bottom, left portion of the screen that you may open and print.

3 Ways to Give


Get started by clicking the “Give Now” button above.

Giving online is easy: simply select your campus, enter your giving amount, frequency of donation, and email, and you’re done! Watch how it’s done here or contact us at with any questions.


From your mobile phone, simply text the amount you’d like to give and “cityhope” (ex. $50 cityhope) to 45777.

The first time you do so, you’ll receive a link that will attach your phone number to your credit/debit card. After that, you can give safely and conveniently with a simple text.


We believe that your gift is between you and God. You may notice we don’t pass an offering plate. Instead, we have “Tithe + Offering” boxes located throughout our campuses.

You can receive a tax-deductible giving credit by placing cash in one of our giving envelopes. An envelope is not necessary for checks, unless you’ve recently changed your contact information.

If you mail your check, please send it to: 

10063 Rockwell School Drive
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Have Questions?

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