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If you haven’t heard us say it yet, we’re adamant about investing in your family. Our goal is to come alongside you as you grow your child’s faith, strengthen your marriage, and reconcile broken relationships. We want to encourage you as you walk in the full hope Jesus has for your family.

Take a look at some of the ways you or your family can dive deeper.

All through the Word, God is affirming who we are in Jesus.. tap and hold the screen to read ~just a few~ of those 👏


Grab your people and spend BEST DAY OF THE WEEK WITH US!! 👏👏 we can’t wait to see you for JESUS&MONEY week 2! ...

If you’ve been looking for another step to take towards discipleship, register today for CHCPM. The 10-week classes start tomorrow, Sep 18 and are offered at Malbis & Mobile👏

Visit cityhope.cc/CHCPM for more details and to register!

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