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Part 1: In The Beginning

This teaching will begin the study by introducing Jesus  before the actual incarnation.  This will set out the Son as a part of the Trinity, who was even before the beginning, and who was foreshadowed by OT laws and Messianic prophecies.  It will also take a look at other theological perspectives about Christ and why we believe what we do.

Part 2: In The Flesh

This teaching will center around what John describes as “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” - the incarnation itself.  Using the events surrounding the birth of Christ, this teaching will highlight the truths (both commonly known and theologically, a bit deeper) about Jesus.

Part 3: In The Early Years

This teaching will spend time on an area of Christology that gets a lot of questions: Those years between His birth and the beginning of His ministry. This teaching will not only explore scholarly theories, but also gives an opportunity to teach about the times, the time in Egypt, Nazareth/Galilee Region, the time He was left in Jerusalem, and even the theories about the death of Joseph.

Part 4: In The Midst of The People

This teaching will be less of an exhaustive retelling of the entire 3 years of Jesus’ ministry and more a higher level talk about what we can know about Jesus Himself through the areas He reached, the people He selected, the enemies He made, the subjects He spent the most time on, and even the miracles He chose to (or not to) do.

Part 5: In The Crushing

This teaching will center in on the events around Passion Week, all the way through His burial. This will be an incredible chance for us to talk about concepts like propitiation, the justice of God, sacrifice, and even salvation itself. Someone can really be known through looks at their most trying times - Who did Jesus show Himself to be through these days?

Part 6: In The Here and Now

This final teaching will cap off all that we’ve illuminated about Jesus by beginning with the Resurrection itself and talking about where and who Jesus is in the here and now. The teaching about the role of the Son laid out Hebrews will be key in this instruction.

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