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Knees to the Earth

Part 1: Tabernacle/Conceptual Overview

This teaching will introduce the entire connection between the Wilderness Tabernacle and our New Covenant path of connection to God. A quick breakdown of the Tabernacle segments and the direction of the worshipper would need to be given, and then a teaching on the Outer Court and the Brazen Altar given as well. All of this must be used as more than mere study, but as a tool to help the believer begin their prayer journey towards God.
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Part 2: The Bronze Laver

The entire path for approaching God came to an important crossroads: Undergo cleansing or be turned away from the Holy Place. This teaching will go in depth on The Bronze Laver itself, the concept of repentance and cleansing, the concept of preparing oneself for entering the Holy Place, and what the believer today must do to undergo the same elements of preparation.
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Part 3: The Lampstand

Outside of the Holy Place, all of the objects were made of bronze. Inside, they were made of gold, as the closer you got, the more precious the objects. Offering the only light in the Holy Place was the lampstand, which illuminated the Holy Place and the Table of Shewbread. The fire and illumination represents the Spirit of God and this teaching will center on the role and need for the Holy Spirit within our times of prayer.
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Part 4: The Table of Shewbread

Two other sacred objects within the Holy Place were The Table of Shewbread (which required freshly baked bread) and the Altar of Incense - both vital for the approach. This lesson will tie in the symbolism of the fresh bread (the Word of God) and the incense (Worship) within the teaching of prayer for today’s believer.
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Part 5: Holy of Holies

Finally, the entire objective of all of this: Entering the Holy of Holies/The Most Holy Place. This teaching will spend time teaching on the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant.
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