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Sermon on the Mount

A Fully Alive Life

Kingdom manifesto / A citizen of Heaven’s mission statement

The main theme is true righteousness. The religious leaders had this external righteousness based on law. But the righteousness Jesus described is a true and vital righteousness that begins internally, in the heart. The Pharisees were concerned about the minute details of conduct, but they neglected the major matter of character. Conduct flows out of character. Jesus gave this message to believers.

Instead of beginning with a negative criticism of the religious leaders, he began with positive emphasis on righteous character and the blessings that it brings to the life of the believer.

He’s basically describing a Kingdom Character.

Part 1: Introduction
Questions to consider:

1. Am I currently experiencing supernatural joy and perfect happiness?

2. Does the life I’m living look like the culture around me or is it counter cultural? Am I living as a citizen of earth, or a citizen of Heaven on earth?

3. What step(s) can I take toward the Kingdom character Jesus describes in these 12 verses?

Part 2: Bridge from the Beatitudes
Questions to consider:

1 – Actively looking for the fingerprints of God around us is an incredibly important spiritual discipline.  What can you do to build those moments into your regular daily rhythm?

2 – What is the “stand” that the Lord has decided to place your light upon?

3 – In your heart of hearts, what do you believe has made you right with God?

  • If your thoughts immediately go to your own efforts, my encouragement to you will be to take time with Paul and Philippians 3 this week. 
Part 3: Matthew 5:21-37
Join Pastor Danny as he talks through some of the areas of our life that our faith MUST transform
  • First Area: Anger Towards Others
  • Second Area:  Purity of Heart
  • Third Area:  The Marriage Covenant
  • Fourth Area:  When Giving Our Word
and more…
Part 4: Matthew 5:38-47
Part 5: Matthew 6:1-18
Part 6: Matthew 6:19-34
Part 7: Matthew 7:1-12
  1. Am I judging/condemning too harshly?
  2. When it comes to applying “fair” judgement to others, what is the condition of my own heart?
  3. Am I measuring judgement with justice and mercy?
  4. Have I considered the plank that may be in my own eye? Am I allowing God to fix me before I ask Him to fix others?
  5. Is the type of correction I may be offering considered Godly? Is it coming from a pure place?
  6. Have I stopped asking, seeking, or knocking?
  7. How much more is God a good and loving father?
  8. Am I treating others the way I wish to be treated?
Part 8: Matthew 7:12-29
  1. What path are you walking down? Is it narrow or is it wide? How are things between you and Jesus?   
  2. What fruit is your life producing? 
  3. What would it take for you to know Jesus better? What are you willing to do to accomplish that?

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