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Sep 18 - 26 2024


All Day



Kenya Water for Nations [FULL]

This team will be partnering with Water for Nations to physically bring clean water and spiritually share about the living water to villages in rural areas of Kenya, Africa. Water for Nations is a Kingdom Builders partner and is run by Mike and Tammy McRae.   

Team Leader: Nathan Norman

Registration for the team is on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your spot fill out the online registration and submit your deposit.

Who is this trip for? The trip is designed for seasoned mission trip participants, meaning that you have already been successfully on a CH Mission Trip.  Adults of any age may register who can maintain the posture of a Christ-centered servant while navigating the unique challenges of mission work in remote areas of a third-world nation. The physical and spiritual impact of this trip is tremendous and you won’t come home the same!

ESTIMATED Cost: $3,250 per person.*
*Cost is based upon ESTIMATED expenses at the time registration is posted (Dec. 2023) and is subject to change depending on the actual cost of expenses. DUE TO ADVANCED POSTING, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PRICE MAY CHANGE, but we do our best to keep the registration fee at the listed price. A Kenyan Visa is also required to enter the country, costing about $50 (at your own expense, not included in the price of the trip). In addition, trip participants may be asked to collect items that will be donated. 

Payment Schedule:
Non-refundable Deposit due upon registration: $300
Payment 2, due May 9, 2023 = $1,000 (Cumulative total = $1,300)
Payment 3, due Jun 9, 2023 = $975 (Cumulative total = $2,275)
Payment 4, due Jul 9, 2023 = $975 (Cumulative total = $3,250)

Charitable Giving:
This trip IS qualified as charitable giving. Payments for mission trips are considered charitable giving and will be reflected on your annual giving statement.  If someone gives money to help pay for your registration, they can be issued a receipt for their gift upon request.

What’s included in the cost?  Airfare and one checked bag, lodging, meals, and ground transportation in Kenya, ministry project supplies, a tourist activity/sight-seeing day, and a Kingdom Builders Go Global team shirt.

Where will we stay?
This information will be decided as the trip gets closer, but we foresee possibly a guest house or our partner’s home dependent on the team size.

What will we eat?
Many of our meals will be prepared by locals, while lunches may be more sack lunch style. We may have opportunity to go out to eat locally as well. It’s tough to accommodate some food allergies in Kenya. If you have food allergies, please notify us in advance and be prepared to bring snacks.

What should I bring?
Each trip is different and you’ll be given a packing list for this specific trip at the mission trip info meeting before our departure.

Passports are required for this trip and are not covered by the registration fee.
A color copy of your passport is due July 1, 2024.
Your passport MUST NOT EXPIRE before May 18, 2025.

Pre-Trip Team Meetings:
Your trip leader will reach out to you about team meetings before the trip. This will be an opportunity for you to meet your team, begin coordinating tools and supplies needed, and learn more details about what is recommended to pack.

Do I need vaccines?
The question of vaccinations is left to the discretion of the team member and their physician. Currently there are no required vaccinations to enter the country.  The CDC does have recommendations for vaccinations if traveling to Kenya. Please visit their website for those specifics.

If for any reason you cannot or prefer not to go, we will refund/credit as much of the trip cost as possible. We will work with you to get as much of the airfare cost credited/refunded as well. The timing of your cancelation and deposits paid to vendors will determine how much can be refunded.

If you have additional questions about this trip, please contact Nathan Norman at nathan@cityhope.cc.

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