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Strong academics are a vital element in the training of our future leaders, pastors, and creatives. Our academics at CityHope College contain two main divisions: Degree Courses through Logos University and Practical Ministry Courses through CityHope.

Degree Courses through Logos University: Logos University is a Christian University based out of Jacksonville, Florida that holds authorization by The Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities to grant degrees and is registered as a degree-granting institution with the Florida Department Education Commission for Independent Education. Logos University is also a member of the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries and the Association of Christian Schools International and is partnered with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Our partnership with Logos University enables our students to earn the credit hours needed to complete a bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology through their degree courses and recognized ministry experience hours.

Practical Ministry Courses through CityHope: Students have the unique opportunity to learn from the years upon years of experience and wisdom embodied within our CityHope Pastoral Team and Staff. This is accomplished through strategic classes and development paths during a student’s two years at the college. Upon arrival, a student will choose one of three paths, or Concentrations: Ministry Leadership, Creative, or Worship. Specific classes and instructors will be chosen depending upon a student’s choice of Concentration.

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