We’re experiencing technical difficulties this morning and our streams are down until further notice.

We’ll upload today’s experience online at a later time. You still have time to make it to church for our 11A service at Malbis, Mobile, and Foley!



  • The purpose behind CityHope College is all about investing in the future leaders of the Kingdom. This is why we’ve set the cost to attend CityHope College at $7,900 per year.
  • This covers enrollment in Logos University, Practical Ministry Courses, books, CityHope College gear, enrollment in workout sessions, a domestic missions trip and an international missions trip.
  • Tuition does not cover living costs such as food or fuel, as well as housing. Student housing is available to both male and female students, but is a separate cost.


  • Once a student is accepted and granted admission into CityHope College, their initial deposit $2,545 is due the first week of August – 3 weeks before Orientation Week begins
  • After that, we work out a customized payment plan that will make paying for school easier on the student and, if involved, their families.
  • Don’t have the financial backing you’d like to begin CityHope College. That’s nothing that should deter you – every year we have a great number of students who work outside jobs and pay as they go.
  • With our weekly setup, students have the opportunity to work Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Thursday nights and all day Friday and Saturday, if desired.

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