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What does it take to get into CityHope College?

Step One: Apply

It all begins here! Find the “Get More Info” button to get started!

Step Two:
Application Review

After your application has been submitted we will review your application to prepare us for your interview!

Step Three:

After we review your application, an interview time will be set up for you.

Step Four:
Applicant is Accepted and Granted Admission

If a student is accepted into CityHope College, they will receive our Acceptance Packet in the mail. This packet will include instructions of what the next few months or weeks will look like, as well as instructions for prerequisites.

Step Five: Housing Application

The Acceptance Packet also includes a Housing Form. We only have a limited amount of space, so if interested, be sure to fill this form out and turn it in as soon as possible.

Step Six:
Prerequisites and Deposits

The deadline date for deposits and prerequisite work lands on the first Tuesday in August. Applications for the upcoming fall will need to be turned in by this date

Step Seven:
Orientation Week

It’s here! The third week in August marks Orientation Week and the beginning of the school year at CityHope College.

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