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Life is Better Together

Authentic life change happens in the context of relationships. Whether you’ve been at CityHope for a while or you’re brand new, looking to get more connected, groups are the perfect way to make our big church feel small.

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Discuss your favorite fight scene of your favorite action movie. What makes this scene stand out to you? What makes it significant in the story?

What are some areas within your family that you feel compelled to fight to the finish for? What factors brought this realization to you? What challenges will you face as you prepare for this ongoing battle?

This message mentioned 2 types of families: blood families and spirit families. Talk with your group about the importance of having the resolve to fight for people in both families. What makes combining blood and spirit in your fight for your family?

Winning a fight to the finish for your family means that there is an enemy who wants to destroy you. Without preparing for this fight, the enemy will devour your family. Today’s message talked about how to prepare for the fight and what to wear to battle. Discuss with your group your battle attire, and how it is useful for the upcoming battles.

Your family is worth your fight to the finish. Take time this week to strengthen your resolve to fight. Many of you will be gathered this week with family as we celebrate Thanksgiving. Use this time to be reminded of how important it is to be victorious for your family. What plans will you make to ensure that generations are positively changed due to your resolve to fight to the finish?


Study Guide

Download the Study Guide HERE

Lesson 9: The Truest Thing

Have you ever had someone come up to you and call you by the wrong name? What was the reason for the mix up? How did being called by a different name make you feel?

Have you ever been told that you look like someone else? How did this statement make you feel in relation to the other person? How did it make you feel about yourself?

Sunday’s message centered around understanding true identity. What are some factors that could lead someone to doubt or be confused about their identity?

Discuss with your group some common influences that our culture today uses to try and define a person’s identity? Why do you think it is so easy to listen to the false narrative culture wants to speak over your life?

The following words were spoken by Paul in Ephesians 1:3-14 to remind us of our true identity in Christ:

  1. Chosen
  2. Holy & Blameless
  3. Adopted
  4. Redeemed & Forgiven

Take a minute and reread this passage with your small group aloud and discuss how each of these true identifiers combat the lies from the enemy about your truest identity.

In the video, Pastor Trey used an example from the children’s book “Just in Case You Ever Wonder,” by Max Lucado. This book reminds us of our “Imago Dei” birth right which is to be created in the Image of God. What can you take away from this book, as well as this entire series, about God’s love for you? What promises can you declare over your life to keep you further grounded in your truest identity in Christ? What voices do you need to ignore concerning the false narrative the enemy wants you to believe about you?

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